Commercial Printing Company

Buy-side Advisory

Two experienced commercial printing industry executives saw opportunities while others were concerned about wide-spread industry consolidation. With this consolidation, these executives saw the opportunity to create a commercial printing company that stayed closely aligned with their customers and provided responsive, high quality service. With this vision in mind, they hired Mr. Austin to identify possible acquisition targets that they could use as a platform for their vision. In a transaction that was basically a mini roll-up, Mr. Austin was able to successfully negotiate the acquisition of two regional commercial printing companies that allowed the client to combine them into one platform company. Mr. Austin assisted the clients with valuation, structuring the offer, arranging financing and closing the transaction.

Mr. Austin served as exclusive advisor to this management team on their acquisition strategy.

Chief Executive Boards International

Sell-side M&A Advisory

Chief Executive Boards International (CEBI) was founded in 1991 in Cincinnati, OH as an alternative to CEO peer advisory competitors offering monthly meetings at high fees. The founder believed the same core benefits could be delivered a different way at a substantially lower price point.

Chief Executive Boards International provides business owners, presidents and CEOs a confidential, collaborative peer advisory forum, which allows CEBI members leverage the experience and expertise of fellow members to become more focused, effective and strategic business owners.

Our Client acquired the company from the founder in 2004 and successfully expanded the number of boards and refined the customer acquisition process. 

Mt. Vista Capital was the exclusive advisor to the Company in the sale to Aegis Assistance, Inc. 

Some of these transactions may represent the personal experience of the company's principals while at various other firms.

ofm, Inc.

Successful Generational Transition of Business with the Assistance of Private Equity Investment.

OFM, Inc. is a thriving wholesale distributor that specializes in providing affordable furniture to general businesses and government offices, as well as schools and hospitals. The company’s products are also sold through a variety of catalogs and online dealers. OFM Inc. is a nationally and internationally known office furniture design/distributor with quality products with short lead-time deliveries. Their manufacturing partners located in Mexico, Taiwan, and China can respond in record times to OFM’s annual design changes. 

OFM's owner was ready to retire and "monetize" the value of the business he had built but also wanted to give his son the opportunity to continue to operate the family business.  The principals of Mt. Vista Capital were able to attract a financial buyer, Gen Cap America, to acquire the Company and allowed the son to co-invest with them in the acquisition of the family business.  The owner was able to secure his financial future through a liquidity event and the son continues to run the family business.

Principals of Mt. Vista Capital served as exclusive advisors to OFM, Inc. in the sale to Gen Cap America.

Healthcare Services Provider

Buy-side M&A Advisory

After years of gaining experience and growing healthcare service companies for other owners, two seasoned industry executives knew they could build a better healthcare service company based on a value system that recognized the importance of the patients they serve, their long-term-care industry customers and their employees. After the initial phase of organic growth, the owners decided it was time to accelerate their growth with a strategic acquisition strategy. The company hired Alan Austin to develop an acquisition plan to effectively identify and engage attractive acquisition targets and then negotiate and close a strategic acquisition that added value. Mr. Austin was able to successfully negotiate and finance the acquisition of a regional healthcare services company for his client that added customers and expanded their geographic footprint.

Mr. Austin served as exclusive advisor to this Healthcare Services Company in executing its acquisition strategy.

International Pharmaceutical Packaging Company

Business Consulting

Mr. Neely and Mr. Austin were engaged to research and write a marketing document which, ultimately became a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). The CIM was used by the Company to attract potential purchasers as it explored various exit strategies. The company has become an industry leader in the efficient single-dose packaging technology for the pharmaceutical industry. The Company has developed proprietary single-dose packaging solutions and designed highly efficient and highly automated filling technology targeted at both the over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceutical markets. The Company had developed a successful contract packaging business and was seeking a partner to assist in the expansion of the Company or an outright sale. The CIM developed for the Company by Neely and Austin was the primary marketing document used in this process.

Mr. Neely and Mr. Austin provided confidential business consulting services to the Company.

Mortgage Brokerage Company

Sell-side Advisory

In the highly competitive mortgage brokerage industry the owner of this company had successfully built a loan origination team that sourced residential mortgage loans in a multi-state area. After reaching a critical mass, the owner decided it was time to take some chips off the table and align himself with an experienced investor with finance industry experience to take the company to the next level.  A seasoned finance industry executive acquired 100% interest in the company and retained the existing management team to continue to operate the company.

Mr. Austin and Mr. Neely represented the Company on an exclusive basis to represent this mortgage brokerage company in the sale process.

Fuel Cell Technology Company

Valuation Assignment

An international industrial and consumer products manufacturer was considering an acquisition of a technology company that was producing nanotechnology components for fuel cells. The company hired Mt. Vista Capital to prepare a formal Fair Market Value report of the target company to be used to evaluate and justify the acquisition of this technology company.

Contract Chemical Manufacturer

Sell-side M&A Advisory

This company had spent decades building relationships with most of the leading world-wide chemical manufacturing companies. They became known as the contract manufacturer of choice for dyes and colorants among its client base. After successfully transitioning the business to the family's second generation, the family decided it was time to align itself with a financial partner to take the company to the next level. Mr. Austin was part of the team that was successful in negotiating the sale of a majority of the company to a private equity fund. The client was able to create liquidity from the transaction; diversify their net worth, and continue to play key roles in the continued growth of the company while participating in the future financial success of the company.

Mt. Vista Capital

M&A Advisory - Capital Formation - Business Valuation

Stacy’s Greenhouses

Debt Restructuring

Stacy’s Greenhouses engaged Bill Neely to refinance the Company's entire balance sheet. The Company is a regional commercial greenhouse operation generating providing perennials and other live plant material to retailers in approximately 24 states. We successfully structured and negotiated a new credit facility to consolidate all of their outstanding debt into one loan. This restructuring allowed the company to improve free cash flow and grow their business.

Bill Neely was the exclusive advisor to the Company on this financing transaction.

Two Low-Powered Television Stations

Sell-side Advisory

A group of venture capital investors acquired the licenses of two non-operating low-power television stations in the 32nd largest television markets with the vision of beginning operations, building an advertising revenue base and then selling the stations to a regional or national operator of LPTV stations. The investor group was successful in launching the stations and developing an identity in the marketplace. The group hired Mr. Austin to sell the company according to their original plan. The stations were acquired by one of the largest religious broadcasters in the country.

Mr. Austin served the Company as its exclusive advisor on this sell-side advisory transaction.

Network Controls & Electric, Inc.

Buy-Side M&A Advisory

Network Controls & Electric, Inc. provides high-quality single-source design, installation and maintenance of communication networks and technology infrastructure. The company services leading organizations in industries including: education, healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector including the military and quasi-governmental facilities. With offices in Greenville SC, Columbia SC, Anderson SC, and Charlotte NC, Network Controls operates throughout the Southeast region.

The majority shareholder had successfully set the Company on a growth trajectory and was ready to sell the controlling interest to his minority partner and other management personnel. 

Mt. Vista Capital Served as exclusive advisor to the management team in confirming the negotiate valuation; structuring and negotiating the acquisition financing and closing the transaction.

Golf Course Resort and Community

Debt Restructuring

Mr. Neely and Mr. Austin were contracted by the owner of a golf course resort community to restructure the financing on an underperforming property with a bank loan under a forbearance agreement. Based on their years of experience as commercial bankers, Mr. Neely and Mr. Austin were able to negotiate a large write down with the bank holding the note in exchange for an immediate payoff. With this loan write down in place, the loan to value was within acceptable limits and Mr. Neely and Mr. Austin were able to negotiate a new term loan with a group of banks led by a regional bank. The new loan reduced the required loan payments and allowed the Client to easily service the debt.

GBS Building Supply

Sell-side M&A Advisory

GBS Building Supply is a 2-tier supply of building materials with five locations serving the Piedmont region of South Carolina and Western North Carolina.  The company was founded in 1972 by a group of ten upstate SC home-builders.  The company expanded and thrived and in 1984 was converted to an ESOP. With employee ownership and professional management, the company continued to thrive.

The company's Board of Directors long recognized that they operated in a cyclical industry and after weathering the storms of the 2008 recession decided it was time to explore strategic options.  In early 2016 the Board recognized the strong M&A activity in their industry and decided to explore a strategic sale. 

Through its Proprietary Sale Process, Mt. Vista Capital was able to achieve the Board's objectives and create a liquidity event for the Employee/Shareholders.  Mt. Vista Capital was the exclusive advisor to the Company in the sale to US LBM Holdings, LLC. 

MIP, Inc.

Sell-side M&A Advisory

MIP is a distributor of standby power and motive power equipment and related components and supplies. The owner founded MIP in 1973 and spent the next 40 plus years providing standby power and motive power solutions, service and inspections to its loyal customer base.  The founder was ready to retire and turn the company over to a new owner who would continue the culture of quality service and integrity.

Through its proprietary sale process Mt. Vista Capital was able to identify an individual with the passion and commitment to continue MIP's tradition of service and desire to expand the Company.

Mt. Vista Capital served as MIP's exclusive advisor in its sale to Power Up, LLC.